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Since 1988 The Pickled Herring Pub has served up the widest selection of domestic, import, premium and micro-brew beers on the North Shore. All beers are not available at all times, but do rotate through the stock as frequently as possible

The Pickled Herring Pub has the World Beer Tour and the United States Beer Tour where you must purchase and drink each beer on each
tour list. As you progress on the tour you will
get bonuses of appetizers, sandwiches, pizzas, caps, t-shirts, and drink cards. Also, once your "tour" is completed you will get your name on "The Pickled Herring Pub Hall of Foam" plaque.

A selection of fine wines or the cocktail of your choice can also be had in The Pickled Herring along with your favorite Sven & Ole's food fare.

The Pickled Herring Pub opens at 4:00 pm Monday-Friday and at Noon Saturday and Sunday, during the summer months. Enjoy the intimate atmosphere in "the loft" with friends and great conversation or watch your favorite sporting event on T.V. "It's the place where everyone gets together!"

Take the World or U.S. Beer Tour at
Sven & Ole's Pickled Herring Pub

You will be traveling aboard the S.S. Pickled Herring and it sets sail as soon as you sign and date the passage (Import or U.S. Beer List) and have it put on your file.

To keep the ship sailing you must purchase one of each of the Imports or Domestic Beers that we feature on this list.

There is no time limit.

Only one person per passage. All tour purchases must be initialed by the bartender on duty. There will be no substitutions unless we are out of stock on a certain kind and you need that beer or beers to finish the tour. Tap beer can not be used as a substitution beer. Imports must have Import substitutes and Domestics must have Domestic substitutes.

**All tour beers must be purchased at full price**

World Beer Tour List U.S. Beer Tour List

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